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Matt and Mercedes Schlapp’s international expansion of the Conservative Political Action Coalition has brought them face to face with a foe even worse than rapidly expanding socialism and liberalism — child trafficking.

“My daughters have gone with me to some of the places, and for you, when you see your child next to one of the victims, and there are similar ages, it sure does make a difference,” said Schlapp, the chairman of CPAC and father of five girls.

“First of all, it makes you count your blessings,” he said in an interview. Second, he said, it is a wake-up call for action. “My kids have had a crash course on what’s really going on with the tumult in the world in the struggle our nation is in,” he added.

Now, after hosting several CPAC gatherings overseas in nations such as Brazil and Mexico, where cartels operate freely in kidnapping children and trafficking them into the United States and elsewhere, the Schlapps are planning to tackle the problem.

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